Why Is Changing Your Skin Care Routine Important?

b1a4974ba0a3aa669125eabc4fbd99c5As we go along our day-to-day life, we are always changing — our diet, our hair, our wardrobe and our beauty looks. Changing your skin care routine should be added to the list as well. Many don’t think about the many factors that change the way your skin reacts: weather, skin, nutrition, etc. While you can hold on to that one wonder product that makes your skin flawless, switching up your skincare regimen can actually be beneficial to your skin.

Generally, your complexion tends to be more oily in the summer and dry in the winter. During the summer, you’ll want to use products that are light, infused with SPF and antioxidants. Using an exfoliator will also help unclog pores from excess oil and sweat during this time. As the cold weather approaches, your skin can be parched and dry. During this time, you’ll want to introduce a thick moisturizer to fully hydrate your skin. You should already include an eye cream into your routine, but during the harsh, cold weather, extra moisture around the eye will help it stay hydrated and soothed since the skin around the eye area is very thin.

No matter the season, SPF is always a must to protect your skin from harsh sun rays. And if in doubt, visiting your local esthetician can always introduce new products to refresh your skin care routine while maintaining a flawless look.