The Importance of Homecare Products & Establishing a Daily Skincare Routine

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By: Adriana Nakamura

Oftentimes, people think that a single facial will solve all of their skincare problems. I can’t even begin to count how many times we’ve received calls from people who want to get rid of their dark spots, dry skin, fines lines, acne, etc., in a single treatment. While a single facial can indeed give some instant satisfaction, those results are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skincare. The real results come from two important things: good homecare products + consistency.

I have to admit that consistency has not always been my personal strong point. I have always been a skincare and makeup junkie, and (before I became an esthetician) would readily purchase anything that my esthetician would suggest to me because I trusted her knowledge of products and my skin. I would start out using everything religiously and after a month or so I would start to see improvements, then someone would compliment me on my skin – and of course this made me very happy but it also made me comfortable. I would come home late and would be too lazy to wash my face. Maybe I would skip it the next morning too. Before I knew it the beautiful products that I paid good money for were just decorating my bathroom counter and I was covered in pimples again (seriously, I used to break out pretty bad well throughout my mid-20s). After that I might find some other skincare thing to try and do it all over again when I really didn’t have to. The products that were recommended to me originally were great, I just stopped using them!

I admit that I still get lazy sometimes, but in general my daily skincare routine is consistent because I have found something that works for me. If you want to use a routine of 10 products every day and night that is awesome, do it! If you’re like me and you can’t deal with all of that, just choose the number of products that will work best for you while giving maximum results – I promise you this is possible. I use 5 products each day (it’s really not a lot, trust me): cleanser, exfoliator, SPF, eye cream, treatment serum.

Morning: cleanser, exfoliator, SPF

Night: cleanser, exfoliator, eye cream, serum

I make these AM/PM routines shorter by combining steps 1 and 2: I mix my gentle exfoliator in with my cleanser. This equals a 2-step routine in the morning, and a 3-step routine at night – it literally takes me minutes to do and it works for me, and I rarely break out anymore and my skin usually looks pretty nice and bright. This skincare routine and my regular monthly facial keep my skin happy and I honestly feel so good about myself that I really don’t feel the need to wear much makeup.  If I can keep a consistent skincare routine going, you can too!

If you think you’re ready to start a new skincare routine that is tailored to your specific needs, we are here and happy to help you figure out what will work! Come in for a consultation, book a facial, we will take the time to listen to you and educate you on what would work best for your skin.

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