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Intense Lightening Cleanser


A daily sulfate-free gel-to-milk cleanser designed to gently and effectively remove surface impurities while brightening skin complexion and tone. This oil-based cleanser contains plant-derived stem cells as well as botanical lightening agents to help fade dark spots and discoloration. Provies optimal preparation for other ILUMA lightening producs. Paraben-free.


BONUS: Removes water-proof makeup (liners, mascaras, lipsticks) quickly & easily, leaving no staining or running behind.


Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder



A uniquely luxurious polishing powder that gently cleanses and exfoliates all skintypes. This ultrasoft micro-exfoliating blend removes debris and oil from pores while providing long-term hydration and anti-aging benefits. Paraben-free.


Combine this product with your cleanser for a fabulously gentle cleanser/exfoliator combo. You can also use it to exfoliate arms to address any issues with keratosis pilaris (“chicken skin”).


Intense Lightening Serum


A lightweight, oil-free serum that treats skin discoloration and redness. A blend of botanical lighteners and vitamin C and grape seed extract; gently reduces inflammation promoting a clear, fresh-looking complexion.


Intense Bleaching Serum


An intense, oil-free blend of hydroquinone, glycolic, azelaic acid and natural lightening agents to effectively lighten skin discoloration. Tea tree oil aids in calming inflamed skin and provides for a gentle application. Paraben-free.


Intense Brightening Eye Crème


Lighten, brighten and illuminate the delicate eye area with this luxurious ultra-hydrating eye crème. Helps to significantly reduce the visible signs of aging around the eyes including puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and lax skin. Eyes instantly look firmer, brighter and more radiant. Paraben-free.


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